booking & cancellation policy

By way of definition, AC Photo is a trading name of Abundant Creative Ltd, a company registered in England. David Webber is the Managing Director of Abundant Creative Ltd and Lead Photographer of AC Photo. All references to AC Photo, Abundant Creative, David Webber, ‘the Photographer’ or ‘the Company’ are to be read as a reference to the aforementioned structure as a whole. References to ‘the Client’ are to be read as referring to that person or persons responsible for the booking or product purchase.


Booking and cancellation



All photography sessions, packages and products are payable in advance. De- pending on the nature of the session, preparation required for the session, any pri- or professional relationship between the Photographer and the Client, or for any other reason which the Photographer deems reasonable, a deposit of between 10% and 100% will be requested at the time of booking. When payment is received by the Photographer the booking is considered confirmed.

Double bookings

Should a time-slot be double booked the Photographer shall notify the Client at the earliest opportunity to arrange an alternate session or a full refund of any monies paid.

Client cancels booking

Should the Client wish to cancel the booking they are requested to notify the Photographer as soon as possible. The Photographer recognises that unexpected events occur and plans change, and will work with the Client to find a mutually convenient time to rebook their session. Should this not be possible the Photographer reserves the right to charge the Client a cancellation fee based on the following schedule:

Cancelled 7 or more days prior to shoot - 75% refund of monies paid.

Cancelled 3 to 7 days prior to shoot - 50% refund of monies paid.

Cancelled 48 hours prior to shoot - 25% refund of monies paid.

Cancelled less than 24 hours prior to shoot - no refund of monies paid.

Photographer cancels booking

Should the Photographer need to cancel the booking the Client will be informed as soon as possible and alternate arrangements will be sought. Should this not be possible a full refund of monies paid will be made to the Client. The Photographer cannot be held liable for losses to the Client caused by cancellations due to total equipment failure, sickness, accident, or any force majeure or circumstance which is reasonably beyond the control of the Photographer.